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Bodegas Covitoro

  El Bos Tinta de Toro Bodegas Covitoro was born in 1974 as the result of the initiative and eagerness of a group of vine growers in the area. Began its activity with the harvest of 1978 and was one of the forerunner of the Denomination of Origin Toro to its constitution in 1987. Bodegas Covitoro is proud to own an important amount of the oldest vineyards in the Denomination of Origin Toro which brings to their wines a clear difference in quality and profusion of shades. Bodegas Covitoro has large facilities equipped with the latest technology. It has a processing capacity close to 4.5 million kilos of grapes per year, a maximum storage volume around 6 million liters and 1400  American and French oak cask. Bodegas Covitoro has been certified in the quality standards IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), both obtained with the highest rating. Bodegas Covitoro elaborates.
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El Bos Tinta de Toro

Toro is a lesser-known region of Spain but home to some of its finest wines made from the Tinta de Toro grape, the original un-grafted variety of the Tempranillo grape, which produces wine with more colour and higher tannin levels than Tempranillo elsewhere in Spain. Traditionally associated with bull-fighting and bull running and for its gusty robust reds, the region is now producing more elegant and modern wines. Bos, which is produced for us at the Covitoro winery, displays all the typical deep colour and rich fruity aromas but has been made with deliberately restrained tannins to provide smoother, much more elegant drinking. Fittingly the label features an elegant image of the the region’s defining image and the wine is named after the genus for cattle..
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DO Toro

Bodegas Covitoro Commitment to quality implies fulfilment of strict current standards which are set forth by the Regulations which govern the Toro Designation of Origin. These regulations apply the entire process with specific norms that begin with the implantation of the vineyard and its associated cultural practices and ends with the commercialisation of the bottled product; detailing, in each case, the qualification standards of the product, the labelling, the harvesting, the production and the shipment of the product, etc., which together guarantee the origin and certification of the product. The red wines are made mainly with the Tinta de Toro variety, always in search of the required degree of maturity to obtain wines in which the balance of their components is reflected in the notable quality of the wines. The destemmed grape is placed in vats, where it ferments with the skins for a time that depends on the type.
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