Señorio de Sarria Moscatel

 ssmoscatelDO Navarra (100% Small-grain Moscatel) 500 ml

“A naturally sweet Moscatel – aromatic with raisins and honey on the palate. Lovely to savour, or enjoy with cheeses and desserts. Golden yellow colour. Intense and aromatic nose, ample and sweet in the mouth with delicious viscosity. Long and seductive, showing candied orange peel, honeysuckle, peach and honey characters – also with notes of hay, tarragon and apricot. Clean and fresh acidity on the finish.”  ~All About Wine UK

City of Origin: Puente la Reina (Navarra)

Grapes: 100% Small-grain Moscatel
Total Number of Bottles: 20,000 bottles
Winemaker: Milagros Rodriguez
Age of Vines: 6 years on average
Vineyard Size: 210 hectares
Vine Density: 3,500 Vines/hectare
Soil Composition: Limestone, Eocene and Miocene marls
Filtration: Yes
Harvest Method: Mechanical
Training: On wire
Fermentation Method: Stainless steel tanks
Fermentation Period: 2 hours
Fermentation Temperature: 13 degrees Celsius
Malolactic Fermentation Method: N/A
Malolactic Fermentation Temperature: N/A
pH: Not provided
Volatile Acidity (grams/Liter): Not provided
Total Acidity (grams/Liter): 4.6 g/L
Residual Sugar (grams/Liter): 235 g/L
Alcohol by Volume: 15%
Aging in Barrel: N/A
Type of Barrel: N/A
Aging in Bottle: N/A



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