DO Navarra

The diversity of climates and landscapes

A key characteristic of the D.O. Navarra area is the extraordinary diversity of its climate and landscape wich spread across more than 100 kilometres lying between the area around Pamplona in the north and the Ebro river plain to the south.

The fact is that Navarra enjoys an exceptional location, one which is practically unique in the Iberian Peninsula and is marked by the confluence of the Atlantic, Continental and Mediterranean climates. The proximity of the Bay of Biscay, the influence of the Pyrenees and the temperate incluence of the Ebro valley are all key factors in giving Navarra its unique range different climates.

These climatic differences mark the Navarran landscape, where more than 11,500 hectares dedicated to the Designation of Origin are distributed across the different ecosystems and crop growing conditions: slopes; river plains; plateaux; and plains. The D.O. is divided into 5 distinct wine-making areas: Baja Montaña, Valdizarbe, Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja.

Evolution of vineyards and wineries

The last two decades have seen ongoing changes in the wine-making sector in Navarra, changes which have completely transformed the styles of wine produced and have been consistently worthwhile.


Firstly, in the eighties, non-native varieties were introduced such as the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. These varieties started to be grown alongside the native Viura, Tempranillo and Garnacha (the latter being the most widely grown and most popular variety in the area); international varieties well suited to the region which, whilst not neglecting the enduring potential of the traditional grapes, aided the development of a new wine styles..

Later on, in the nineties, a group of enthusiastic, demanding growersand bodega owners came on the scene, who were ready to make drastic changes, through research aimed at achieving wines of quality. These visionaries brought fresh ideas and revolutionary wine-making concepts to the region, whilst setting themselves up as the worthy successors of the best of the area’s wine-making traditions. An unreleting movement that has now led to the incorporation of new wineries who are working on projects looking into terroir and producing original wines.

Commitment to quality

Within this context of ongoing development and dynamism, the Denomination of Origin has taken yet another step forward in its search for quality. The approval of a new set of regulations in 2008 (Regulations) introduced measures permitting producers to innovate in the vineyard and in the winery alike.

A quality which can be appreciated from a consumer’s point of view, with particular emphasis on wine tasting as a control to ensure that the wines live up to expectations.

Your own style of wine

Thanks to all these natural and human influences, the wines from D.O. Navarra offer a wide range of possibilities: from the famous rosé wines to the juicy young red wines, from the delicious Chardonnays to the great Crianza and Reserva reds, without forgetting the seductive, sweet white Muscats or Moscatels.

Wines for all tastes and occasions, adapted to consumers seeking to experience new sensations or to recall pleasant moments. A universe of wine in which each and every one of us can find our own particular style of wine.


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