Bodega Vitivinicola del Ribeiro

Viña Costeira was founded in 1968, as the result of the illusion of a group of visionaries and rebels who broke with the wine trends of the time, in order to recover the historical grape varieties of Galicia: Loureira, Godello, Albariño and Treixadura, among others.

From the very beginning, tradition and innovation have always been present in Viña Costeira, and the combination of these two factors is which now consolidates us as a solid reference in the Galician wine scene.

Our wines are located in the Galicia’s oldest Designation of Origin and probably one of the oldest in Europe:Ribeiro; situated in the basins of the Miño River and its tributaries Arnoia and Avia, Ribeiro is a territory where the hot springs are a distinguishing feature, making this area one of the most important European spa tourism destiny.

In Ribeiro, the origin of viticulture takes place in the Galician-Roman city of Lansbricae, where we can find the first wine references in the region. Later, the monks of San Claudio de León, who ran away from the Muslim invasion, founded between the IX and X century the monastery ofSan Clodio, where they finally would started viticulture in the area, along with others monasteries like Osera, Melon, Celanova and the clergy of Santiago de Compostela. We should not forget either the strong connection of Galician viticulture with the major European regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy through the Camino de Santiago.

There are also indications proved by the Simancas Archive from 1500, which state that the first wine that Christopher Columbus took to America was a Ribeiro.

Recently, in order to keep growing as a winery, we have expanded the brand to another Designation of Origin. The new wine of Valdeorras is a reflection of an innovative spirit, which renews the illusion of those visionaries who insisted on making their dream come true.


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