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Adega Cooperativa Ponte de Lima

Ponte Branco Vinho Verde (Loureiro, Trajadura blend) Ponte Rose Vinho Verde (Vinhao, Padeiro, Espadeiro blend) Ponte de Lima was founded in 1959. The winery takes its name from the bridge at the crossroads of Conde de Bertiandos in the town of Ponte de Lima – Portugal’s most ancient city. The cooperative, composed of over 2,000 local producers, is the largest contributor to the Ponte de Lima’s economy. In 1998 the cooperative received certification from APCER to produce wines that can be legally denominated as Vinhos Verdes, as part of the special administrative region. Lima is one of the 9 administrative sub-regions of the Vinho Verde region in the northeast of Portugal. It is blessed with a perfect climate with which to create varied, fruity and fresh wines..
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Ponte Branco Vinho Verde

DO Tejo, Portugal (Loureiro, Trajadura) 750 ml TASTING NOTES Clear citrine color. Intense and fresh aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. Crisp and persistent. Pairs well with any fish in particular cod, sushi, white meats and pasta. Wine made from Loureiro and Trajadura grapes and naturally carbonated with gives the wine the fresh natural flavors of green apples and lemon..
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Forma De Arte Reserva

DO Tejo (50% Touriga Nacional, 50% Cabernet) TASTING NOTES Black fruit, with balsamic notes. Smooth tannins, full-bodied, modern style, juicy and fresh with a long and persistent finish. Pairs well with spicy dishes and strong cheese. Aged in new French and American oak barrels. Forma de Arte is the product of a collaboration between winemakers Pedro Guimar√£es and Luis Alves dos Santos..
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