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Lucatoni Pinot Grigio

Location Apellation: Curico Valley Varietal Range: Pinot Grigio Soil: Loam | clay Viniculture Age of vines: 25 years Training system: Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) Density: 3,333 plants/hectare (1,343 plants/acre) Yield: 12 tons/hectare (4.8 metric tons/acre) Harvest method: Mechanical harvest during last week of February. Soil: Deep, clay loam soil. Climate Warm temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime and a wide fluctuation between daytime and nighttime temperatures, resulting from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (80 kilometers, or 50 miles) and the Andes mountains (50 kilometers, or 37 miles). These vineyards receive coastal breezes during the afternoon which help keep summer temperatures moderate. Annual precipitation averages about 600 millimeters, or 23.6 inches, concentrated in the winter months. Vinification Fermentation: Initiated with active dry yeast (Bayanus) at temperatures ranging between 17-18 degrees Celsius (62-64 Fahrenheit), with aeration at the end of the fermentation process. Aging: Wine conserved on its lees in stainless steel vats for 2-3 months before bottling..
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