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Tilenus Godello

DO Bierzo, Spain (100% Godello) 750 ml TASTING NOTES White wine made from the Godello variety. Clean yellow colour with golden hues, expressive bouquet with fruity notes: peach skin and citrus fruit. Balanced mouthfeel, fresh and with a full mid-palate. RECENT REVIEWS Stone-fruit and melon aromas are crystal clean and inviting as can be. The palate blends citrus pith with creamy richness and minerality. Flavors of orange and white grapefruit are a touch pithy, while the finish brings weight, solidity and confirmation. Everything that’s good about Godello is on display. — M.S., Wine Enthusiast 5/1/2015 TI05.
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Bodegas Estefania

Tilenus (100% Godello) Ribera del Ulver (100% Mencia) Ribera del Ulver Crianza (100% Mencia) Among small villages sprinkled with slate roofs, some pilgrim route to Santiago discovers a secret that awaits eager to be revealed: A landscape where no time passes. Little vineyards on a of quiet and spiritual beauty. The vines here are older than us, so we should be quiet and listen in silence what they whisper. We are entering into the vineyards of Bierzo region, its grape: the Mencia. The project was based on the restoration of an old dairy in the village of Dehesas in Ponferrada. The remodeling the building tried to combine the stone and slate of Bierzo area with wood, to be in line with traditional architecture in the area. The project’s objective was to give the winemaker all the necessary equipment to make wine in the most pure. Each step of the process.
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DO Bierzo

Bodegas Estefania  (Ponferrada, León) Production area Bierzo county is located in the northwest of the province of León, in the Castilla y León region, and covers an area of ​​2954.28 km, which accounts for 18% of the provincial area. Geographically it borders the provinces of Ourense, Lugo and Asturias and it is a main connection between Galicia, León and Asturias. Bierzo’s vineyards is characterized by fragmentation of parcels and smallholder plots, vines on slopes, from 450 to 800 meters whose are oriented to the four cardinal points. Bierzo vineyard’s soil stabilise from  Miocene materials coated by a layer of Quaternary. Texture is silt loam, moderately acidic, its pH is close to 5.5, with the absence of carbonates, typical of humid climates. The soils on slopes are made ​​of a mixture of minerals, quartzite and slate.   The Bierzo is a very special and suitable microclimate for vine growing. The natural barrier of Sierra de los Ancares calm.
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