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DO Rioja

Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta  (Haro, La Rioja) Bodegas Castillo de Sajazarra  (Sajazarra, La Rioja) Viñedos de Aldeanueva  (Aldeanueva del Ebro, La Rioja) Bodegas Sonsierra (San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja) Mediterranean wine culture was, in the Middle Ages, closely linked to the monastic life, as their major broadcasters were the monks. Rioja area is no exception and is proud that Gonzalo de Berceo, the first poet who wrote in the Romance language, the wine mentioned in the verses he wrote from his retreat in the Suso Monastery in San Millán de la Cogolla. The first document to make reference to protecting and ensuring the quality of Rioja wines dating from 1650, even before in 1102, King Sancho of Navarra legally recognized our prestigious wines. In 1787 was created the Royal Economic Society Rioja Growers, aimed at promoting the cultivation of vines, wine production and trade development. Already in the twentieth century,.
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