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Bodegas Paniza

El Casetero Crianza   (70% Tempranillo, 30% Garnacha) El Casetero Garnacha   (100% Garnacha) BACKGROUND We are in Paniza, a land of wine. Our vineyards are located in Denomination of Origin Cariñena, a land which has produced wine since ancient times and which brings together a series of conditions, such as the quality of the soil and the particularities of the climate, which ensure hugely successful wine production. Cariñena is the second Denomination of Origin of Spain. Its tradition in the production of wine dates back to Phoenician and Roman times. Cariñena took its name from Carae, a Roman settlement from the year 50 BC, whilst the variety Cariñena (Carignan) originates from this region. Cariñena wines have been around since ancient times, making Aragon a land of great wines. The regional capital, Saragossa, halfway between Madrid and Barcelona and just two hours from France, is 53 km from Paniza. CLIMATE Our climate is.
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Bodegas Vintae

Francesc Ricart Cava Brut (Xarello, Macabeo, Parrelada) Bienbebido Pollo (100% Garnacha) Bienbebido Pulpo (100% Albariño) Proyecto La Garnatxa Fosca (100% Garnacha) Spanish White Guerrilla Riesling (100% Riesling) From: “Who We Are”: At Vintae, we are restless, creative, and why not say it, rebellious. We are currently making wine in fifteen different Spanish Designations of Origin, and we aspire to continue revolutionising the world of wine without losing our family essence. Our headquarters are in La Rioja, where we have learned and soaked up all the knowledge, Experience and effort of several generations. From here, we have expanded persistently in search of the essence of each winemaking area, always with the old vineyard and quality in mind, to create unique and original projects. We are a creative team that enjoys what we do with the aim of making fun, exciting and enjoyable products..
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Bodegas Grupo Estevez

Brandy Real Tesoro Fiesta Grande Pedro Ximenez Florymar Manzanilla Fiesta Grande Fino Sherry Elite Amontillado Sherry Elite Oloroso Sherry Elite Cream Sherry The origins of the Jose Estevez S.A wine cellars (Bodegas) are from the Jose Lena Rendon and Co. enterprise, which was established in 1809 for ageing Sherry and Brandy. In 1894, Mr. Ruiz, the principal shareholder, changed the name of the company to his own: Felix Ruiz and Ruiz, S.A. At this time, the business reached as far as Northern Europe and South America. Since 1974 the Estevez family has managed the entire company and in 1984 the name of the company was changed to Jose Estevez S.A. In keeping with the traditions of a family business, great importance has been given to the care of the ageing of the wines. In 1982, Jose Estevez de los Reyes bought a large proportion of shares in the Marques del.
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Terra de Falanis

Bla, Bla, Bla (100% Premsal) Muac! (35% Callet, 35% Manto Negre, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon) Plic, Plic, Plic (50% Samsó, 50% Garnacha) HISTORY TERRA de FALANIS is the name used by the historian Miquel Barceló to call our town and our people before Felanitx existed as such. Perhaps this feeling of sentimentalism to the old things, and the illusion of giving prominence to the essence beyond the decoration, leads us to call this project as TERRA de FALANIS. (Land of Falanis). For consistency reasons we have started this adventure based in familiar regions where Mediterranean climate gathers Catalan culture and where island and mainland find each other. Two behaviors of a climate reality touched by the insularity factor and the continental altitude the sea wind action and heat stress: Mallorca and Montsant expressions. More info:
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