Brandy Real Tesoro

brandyrealtesoroDO Jerez, Spain 1.0 L


The history of one of today’s largest Sherry houses dates back to 8th March 1760, when King Carlos III of Spain wrote a letter officially appointing His Excellence, Don Joaquin Manuel de Villena, lieutenant-general of the Spanish Royal Armada, as the ‘Marques del Real Tesoro’.

This title was bestowed on Don Joaquin by the King as reward for his victory when his fleet was attacked by pirate ships. In order not to lose any Crown treasure that his ships were carrying, Don Joaquin used silver from his own inheritance order to make munitions. It was on his triumphant return that the King rewarded him with this title.

In 1897, the title of Marques Del Real Tesoro, which was left unspoken for, was bestowed by King Alfonso XIII, to the grandson of the first Marques, who founded a brand name after his title MARQUES DEL REAL TESORO.

With the Sherry reserves, stored two centuries beforehand by His Excellence, Mr. Conde of Villacreces who kept an extensive wine cellar with the most select Sherry wines of Jerez, originating from the ‘Soleras’ that today carry the prestigious name around the world of MARQUEZ DEL REAL TESORO.



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