Aroa Jauna Crianza

jauna bottleDO Navarra, Spain (40% Cab/Sauv, 30%Tempranillo, 26% Merlot, 4% Garnacha Red) 750 ml

Certified Organic

Aroa Jauna is a modern, elegant and agile wine. With a perfect harmony between alcohol and acidity, it is the reflection of its terroir it is born in, fresh and at altitude. Aroa is a boutique winery that has pioneered the restoration of traditional winemaking practices in the DO Navarra. All of the vineyards are organic and are cared for using our ancestral methods, only using natural products and only allowing nature to reach its fullest expression in the grapes.


It is a deep, dark very intense shade of red with great brilliance. The aroma is clean and reminiscent of ripe fruits composed mainly of pears, sweet apples and quince. This gives way to aromas of cacao, dry leaves and leather. On the palate it is tasty and agile, with well integrated tannins. The evolution on the palate is favorable, due to the perfect harmony between the alcohol and the acidity. The finish is well-resolved with a sensation of freshness and meatyness. Modern, elegant and tempting wine.




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