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Plic, Plic, Plic

DO Montsant, Spain (50% Samsó, 50% Garnacha) 750mL BACKGROUND The samsó variety comes from more than 30 years old vineyards located in the lowest part of the DO. Otherwise, the garnatxa variety comes from the ones located in the highest and latest part. Combining both of them, we get a good balance between structure and elegance, giving the wine an interesting complexity. HARVEST Harvest Hand picked harvest in 15 Kg boxes. The samsó harvest begins on September 20, while the garnatxa harvest begins around October 20. Grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard and never takes more than an hour for the grapes to be transported from the vineyard to the winery. WINEMAKING Wine making Once arriving at the winery, the grapes are passed through a selection table and separated from their stems to be gently pressed with maximum respect to the skin. A pre-fermentation maceration with skins for 3.
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DO Montsant

Bodegas Sumarroca The D.O. Montsant wine appellation encompasses a land where, for many centuries, the surrounding countryside has blended seamlessly with growing grapes and where even the old vines, cared for as if they were real treasures, are the veritable pillars of the region’s history. PHILOSOPHY For 10 years, the D.O. Montsant and its member wineries – currently numbered at 57 wineries and 44 private labels – have been faced with a great challenge: that of carving a place for themselves in the competitive and demanding world of wine. It has been tough and it still is tough. In order to face this ongoing challenge, we know must remain true to a certain way of thinking. And in the Montsant winemaking region with 1,900 hectares of vineyard and a global production of 5 million bottles, we are true to high standards of quality and we firmly believe in our unique.
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Terra de Falanis

Bla, Bla, Bla (100% Premsal) Muac! (35% Callet, 35% Manto Negre, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon) Plic, Plic, Plic (50% Samsó, 50% Garnacha) HISTORY TERRA de FALANIS is the name used by the historian Miquel Barceló to call our town and our people before Felanitx existed as such. Perhaps this feeling of sentimentalism to the old things, and the illusion of giving prominence to the essence beyond the decoration, leads us to call this project as TERRA de FALANIS. (Land of Falanis). For consistency reasons we have started this adventure based in familiar regions where Mediterranean climate gathers Catalan culture and where island and mainland find each other. Two behaviors of a climate reality touched by the insularity factor and the continental altitude the sea wind action and heat stress: Mallorca and Montsant expressions. More info: http://www.terradefalanis.com.
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