Vi de la Terra Mallorca, Spain (35% Callet, 35% Manto Negre, 30% Cabernet Sauv.) 750ml BACKGROUND This wine originates from the vineyards of Mallorca, mainly from the Southeastern region of the island, which benefits from the prevailing sea breeze and provides ideal conditions for the development of balanced and flavorful grapes. The average age of the vineyard is 20 years. VINIFICATION Vinification Hand picked harvest in small 10 Kg boxes. Manual selection of grapes on sorting table to ensure the strictest standards of quality and the optimal ripeness of the grape. Fermentation takes place in 7,000 L and 10,000 L stainless steel deposits with temperature controlled at 28ºC. The average maceration period is 17 days. TASTING NOTES Typically Mediterranean, limpid color, brilliant subtle fruity aromas, remembering law forest, spicy, elegant and very balanced in the mouth, well integrated tannins. Freshness and typical terroir character. The optimal temperature for comsumption is.
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