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Bodegas Estefania

Tilenus (100% Godello) Ribera del Ulver (100% Mencia) Ribera del Ulver Crianza (100% Mencia) Among small villages sprinkled with slate roofs, some pilgrim route to Santiago discovers a secret that awaits eager to be revealed: A landscape where no time passes. Little vineyards on a of quiet and spiritual beauty. The vines here are older than us, so we should be quiet and listen in silence what they whisper. We are entering into the vineyards of Bierzo region, its grape: the Mencia. The project was based on the restoration of an old dairy in the village of Dehesas in Ponferrada. The remodeling the building tried to combine the stone and slate of Bierzo area with wood, to be in line with traditional architecture in the area. The project’s objective was to give the winemaker all the necessary equipment to make wine in the most pure. Each step of the process.
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Bodegas Frutos Villar

Calderona Crianza Calderona Joven Abadia Real Red Abadia Real White Señorio de Balboa The beginning of the professional involvement of the Frutos Villar family in the wine market is to be traced back to the dawning of this century, when on a purely local basis we bought up and sold wine from the region of Toro. Well before the officially demarcated wine regions of Spain, the so-called “Denominaciones de Origen” or “DOs”, came into being, we set up our first winery at Toro in 1920. True to our ideal of renewal and progress, in 1960 we established our second winery in Cigales. Upon the consolidation of the demarcated regions, in 1988 the Frutos Villar family purchased Bodegas Santa Eulalia, a winery belonging to the Ribera del Duero region. At Bodegas Frutos Villar, whilst continuing to make great wines at those of our own vineyards not belonging to any “Denominación de.
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Bodegas Avelino Vegas

Casa de la Vega Rueda Superior 2013 (100% Verdejo) Montespina Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (100% Sauvignon Blanc) Founded in 1950, Bodegas Avelino Vegas produced its first Verdejo wine in 1964. By 1982 they were granted registration in the Rueda D.O. Certification in Ribera del Duero followed in 1983. By 1999, Avelino Vegas wines were being exported abroad for the first time. For an introduction to the winery and its philosophy, as well as some nice views of the land surrounding it, please see the video below. The video is in Spanish but includes English subtitles.   More info:  .
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Bodegas Talai Berri

OREKA (100% HONDARRIBI ZURI) TXAKOLI TALAI BERRI (90% HONDARRIBI ZURI, 10% HONDARRIBI BELTZA) OVERVIEW The Talai-Berri winery is located at Zarautz, one of the towns belonging to “Getariako Txakolina” Guarantee of Origin. Built in 1992, the winery lays on the sunniest slopes of Mount Talai Mendi, surrounded by 12 ha of vineyards. Bixente Eizagirre Aginaga represents the fourth dynasty generation, and his daughters, Itziar and Onditz, the fifth generation making Txakoli out of their vineyards fruits. The Txakoli elaboration relays on the most advanced techniques focused on quality, using boxes for vintage, selection tables, controlled fermentations… These techniques make possible the production of a young and fruity wine. HISTORY Bixente Eizaguirre, son of family with a great wine-production tradition (five generations) and founder of the Talai Berri winery, already had a vast professional career on the wine-production area. After many efforts for achieving the Guarantee of Origin for a product.
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Cavas Masachs

Cava Blanca Brut Reserva (70% Macabeo, 15% Xarello, 15 Parrellada) Cava La Pasion (36% Parrellada, 34% Xarello, 30% Macabeo)  ROOTS It was at the turn of last century when the Masachs family started to cultivate grapes in their estate located in Vilafranca del Penedès, a wine area par excellence, where the growing of grapes had already been introduced in times of the Roman Empire. D. Josep Masachs Llorach, a man with strong convictions, great character and dedicated since his childhood to the growing of grapes, founded Cavas Masachs within the decade of the twenties producing cava in the best tradition of craftsmanship and with a limited production, meant basically, for his own consumption and to make it known to his closest friends. Later, his son, D. Josep Masachs Juvé, went on with his father’s job under the same policy of very limited production and craftsmanship combined with hard work with.
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