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Bodegas Grupo Estevez

Brandy Real Tesoro Fiesta Grande Pedro Ximenez Florymar Manzanilla Fiesta Grande Fino Sherry Elite Amontillado Sherry Elite Oloroso Sherry Elite Cream Sherry The origins of the Jose Estevez S.A wine cellars (Bodegas) are from the Jose Lena Rendon and Co. enterprise, which was established in 1809 for ageing Sherry and Brandy. In 1894, Mr. Ruiz, the principal shareholder, changed the name of the company to his own: Felix Ruiz and Ruiz, S.A. At this time, the business reached as far as Northern Europe and South America. Since 1974 the Estevez family has managed the entire company and in 1984 the name of the company was changed to Jose Estevez S.A. In keeping with the traditions of a family business, great importance has been given to the care of the ageing of the wines. In 1982, Jose Estevez de los Reyes bought a large proportion of shares in the Marques del.
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Carles Andreu Parrellada

DO Conca de Barberá, Spain (100% Parrellada) 750mL TASTING NOTES It presents a pale yellow colour with lemon skin tone. Complex aroma with recall to white fruit maceration. Evokes pineapple, banana and apple. Good balance between sweets and acidity, strong in structure and persistance with some fruity touch. ELABORATION Selected hand picked grapes from 30 years old. Terrace wines. (l’Era del Sanahuja). Carbonic maceration with whole bunch o grapes. CU02.
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